About me

My name is Claudia and I am not a guru, but I am the world's best expert on myself. Just like you are an expert/expert on yourself.

My intention is to share simple and effective techniques for achieving your own inner peace. I provide the space for you to recognize the expert within yourself. So that you – in love, acceptance and softness – recognize the Source of love within you and feel its support.

In my life search for how to embody love on a daily basis (not just on holidays), I have experienced ups and downs. The path to self-discovery is not always easy, but there is definitely power in each of us to find our heart truth.

My professional path led from studying event organization (and working at them), to working in a corporation, in social media, in a call center, in an NGO foundation, I was also a store manager and a farm caretaker in Texas.

I was actively searching for my path and truth. It wasn’t until I graduated from coaching school (2018) that I realized I wanted to professionally support others on a deeper level, combining coaching and spiritual knowledge. I began to expand my knowledge with spiritual courses, and then with another important element – working with the body and emotions.

In my activities, in addition to using the tools I have learned, I always ask for divine guidance from Source, which for me is a manifestation of fullness of love, acceptance and sensitivity.

Education and courses

  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy 2022 at The Embody lab taught by Nkem Ndefo, Arielle Schwartz, Scott Lyons, Richard Schwartz, Deb Dana and Pat Ogden
  • Healing Intergenerational Trauma with Euphrasia Nyaki & Peter Levine PhD
  • “Master of Coaching” course (accredited by ICF) at Meritum School of Coaching
  • Events Management at London Metropolitan University
  • Workshop of bipuncture and energy matrix according to Richard Bartlet, transformation of torsion field patterns- the world of quantum communication Universe, with Wieslawa Bakaj,
  • Merkaba activation workshop Awakening The Illuminated Heart, with Tom de Winter,
  • Soulrealignment course (recalibration of the soul through the Akashic Records), with Andrea Hess
  • A course in reading through the Akashic Records using the A Line Within method, with Ashley Woods
  • Vedic Art- Art from the Heart workshop Marta Sobczak Jensen
  • Hellinger workshop, with Izabela Kopp,
  • Tantric workshop “Mana of the Air” organized by Milabo, led by Hanna Darmas
  • The 15th edition of the School of Tantra – 2-year Formation of Psychodynamic Relationships and Body Communication, at the Tantra of Joyful Moments